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This is a 2 hour course.

It can be so frustrating when a member of your team underperforms. You can see the potential below the surface but you seem unable to help them realise it. You may have tried to talk to them or incentivise them with salary increases, which work for a short while before they slip back to their old unproductive ways. What can you do?

This course looks at effective ways to coach your employees and increase their productivity as well helping them realise their true potential.  Setting goals and building relationships sits at the core of effective coaching.  How well you coach relates directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees.

This course will guide you through the coaching process.  Be prepared however, to change a few things about yourself in order to be successful. 

We have 12 objectives that will allow us to achieve the overall goal of becoming better coaches. 

Here are our learning objectives:

  • Identify the difference between mentoring and coaching,
  • Understand the GROW model.
  • Identify and set appropriate goals using the SMART method of setting goals.
  • Understand how to identify the current state or reality of your employee’s situation.
  • Identify the steps needed in defining options for your employee
  • Understand how to create a preliminary plan.
  • Finalise a plan or wrap it up motivating your employee to work within them.
  • Identify the benefits of fostering trust with your employee.
  • Identify the steps in giving effective feedback.
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that hinder the growth and development of your employee.
  • Identify the end and how to transition your employee to other growth opportunities.
  • How to use both mentoring and coaching to enable long-term development through a positive relationship with your employee.


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