Property Representatives Course

Thinking of a career in real estate? The Property Representative Course is the first step.

A career in the Real Estate Industry can be very rewarding with a number of fields of practice to choose from. Whether you are thinking of a career in Sales, Property Management, Real Estate Office Support or Auctioneering, REIT can assist you to achieve your career goals.

The course offered by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania provides the knowledge to assist in the development of skills necessary to effectively undertake the roles of a Property Representative.


Course Overview

To be a Property Representative in Tasmania requires registration with the Property Agents Board. In order to obtain your licence to work in real estate you are required to pass an exam with the Property Agents Board. The Property Representatives Course provides the underpinning knowledge to sit this exam.



The Property Agents Board conducts the exam for the Property Representatives’ licence. Exams are scheduled in Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone. It is not a requirement to complete the Property Representative Course prior to sitting the exam. For further information on the exam process, fees and to enrol please visit http://www.propertyagentsboard.com.au/exams-2020.html


Mutual Recognition - transferring to or from another State or Territory

The requirements to work in the real estate industry differ for each State and Territory in Australia. The REIT’s Property Representative Course is specially designed to help learners successfully prepare to sit the exam with the Property Agents Board, in order to gain a licence to work within the real estate industry in Tasmania. The training units contained within it are not nationally recognised training units and are not suitable for recognition in equivalent units in other States and Territories in Australia.  It is recommended you contact the licensing body in the State or Territory to confirm their licencing requirements if you intend to seek employment interstate in the immediate future. If you are licenced in another State and are moving to Tasmania, it’s recommended you contact the Property Agents Board to seek clarification on your requirements to be licenced in Tasmania.


Program pre-requisites

There are no formal pre-requisites to commence the Property Representatives Course, however the following is assumed of all candidates in order to successfully complete the training:

  • An intermediate level of computer skills and knowledge
  • Access to a computer and internet
  •  Video and micophone function if participating in the Property Representative Zoom Training
  • An Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) 2/3 level of language, literacy and numeracy (LLN)
  • Candidates must be 16 years or older at time of enrolment

* Please contact the REIT Training Department if you would like to complete the REIT Language, Literacy and Numeracy test prior to enrolment.



There are 3 assignments which are recommended to be completed before a candidate should attempt to sit the Property Agents Board exam. Please note this is only a recommendation, learners do not need to complete the assignments to sit the Property Agents Board exam.

REIT conducts all training and assessment in plain English, via our online platform. You should allow a 2-3 week timeframe for your assignments to be marked.


Course Completion

Learners should be aware that the Property Representative Course does not form part of any nationally recognised training, and is purely designed to give participants the information they need to complete the Property Agents Board exam, therefore a Statement of Attainment will not be provided on completion. Learners will receive a participation certificate once all of the requirements of the Property Representatives Course have been met.


Course Content

  Introduction to the Property Industry
  Acts & Regs
  Documentation and Property Management


Course Delivery

Candidates will be required to access their course resources via their REIT’s training hub account.


Zoom training course: $950

The Property Representative Zoom Training Course is an interactive training session. Get all the training you require to begin your journey into the industry from our experienced REIT trainers, all in the comfort without leaving your desk.  

Typical course schedule:



Introduction to the Property Industry

Week 1 – Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 12noon

Acts & Regs

Week 2 – Monday & Tuesday 9am – 12noon

Documentation & Property Management

Week 2 – Thursday & Friday 9am – 1pm


Once enrolled learners will be granted access to the course content 5 days prior to the scheduled course. It is strongly recommended learners’ login to their account, download the resources for each unit and watch the pre-recorded video presentations for each cluster prior to the Zoom course.

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Online Distance Learning: $795

All distance learning course requirements must be completed within 4 months of course enrolment, with no refund available once the purchase has been made. Please be aware that the distance learning version of the course is entirely self paced, and that it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that all course requirements are completed within the four month time frame. Typically you can expect to spend a total of 50 hours reading the study material and completing the assignments, however this may vary from candidate to candidate.

Assistance from tutors is available for distance learning candidates at an additional cost. The cost for tutoring is $88 (including GST) per hour or part thereof (a minimum 1hr charge). Candidates requiring tutoring will need to make an appointment through the REIT by emailing james.jackson@reit.com.au.

It's a learners responsibility to understand the requirements of the course and exam prior to enrolling.


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