Property Representatives Course

Thank you for enquiring about the Property Representatives Course and congratulations on considering Real Estate as your new career.

You do not need to be working within the industry to sit the Property Representative’s course – some people prefer to sit before seeking employment in a real estate agency, others find employment then sit the course.

The courses offered by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania provide the knowledge to assist in the development of skills needed to effectively undertake the role of Property Representative, for both those interested in working with the management of rental properties as well as those interested in listing & selling properties.

The course is offered both by class based delivery as well as by distance learning – information on the various options can be accessed below.


Class based Courses





All of the classes for 2019 have been held. Classes for 2020 will be finalised soon – please send an email to james.jackson@reit.com.au to be notified once the schedule has been finalised.

For exam details please contact the Property Agents Board on 6281 3480 or


Distance Learning

The REIT offers the Property Representatives Course by distance learning as an alternative to the in class course.


A distance learning candidate may choose to either receive the learning material:

  • as a paper based manual; or
  • by online delivery




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