Understanding the Workplace Stress

Property Managers are often confronted by maintenance issues, tenants in arrears, poor condition reports, unhappy landlords and disgruntled tenants. Your role becomes that of the “middleman” for the two parties with an expectation that you’ll find a common solution to appease both.

 This engaging workshop looks at how to manage workplace stress by firstly understanding that the key is in knowing how to manage conflict, which is understanding the process of planning to avoid conflict.

This requires running a department that is proactive, planned and focussed with practices, procedures and systems streamlined to deliver the best results consistently.

After all, happy and satisfied customers rarely complain, and if they do have a situation that doesn’t meet with their expectation, they are generally much easier to work with.


Hobart – 14th March (9am – 12:30pm)

Launceston – 8th March (9am – 12:30pm)


Cost: $220 inc GST

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Delivery: Classroom

Approved training hours: 4 hours

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