4 Key steps to unlocking your clients thinking for better results

Making a good impression at first contact is critical. There are plenty of Agents out there all competing in the same market, to win listings and sell properties . This session will give you tips on how to get the edge at your first meeting.

Winning listings over your competitors gives you a great opportunity of making the sale, so would it not be beneficial to understand how people make decisions at that first contact? We all have an unconscious representational behav- iour system that is based on how we say and do things. These systems are determined by how we experience life and influence how we make decisions.

There are 4 distinct Primary personality traits and in this session, we will break them down for you, so that you will know what to look and listen for.



Hobart – 15th February (3pm – 5pm)

Launceston – 12th February (1pm – 3pm)


Cost: $140 inc GST

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Delivery: Classroom

Approved training hours: 2 hours

If you have any questions about this course, please contact REIT Training on (03) 6223-4769 or email training@reit.com.au