Dealing with Generations

Real Estate is a unique profession as we deal with people who are of all ages and different backgrounds. Sadly not enough training is delivered on this topic, even though it is a vital tool.

The direction of this session direction is to enhance communication to assist in relationship building with clients and customers. Learn how to deal with and provide essential information. These tools will reduce conflict and increase time management, something that we all need in our day to day work life.

The more clients and customers that under- stand us the more possible business we could obtain. Each attendee will do an online survey to see where they sit in the generation / personality ladder.

Learn real skills to take you to the next level in your career in Real Estate.



Devonport – 19th February (1pm – 5pm)


Cost: $220 inc GST

More information

Delivery: Classroom

Approved training hours: 4 hours

If you have any questions about this course, please contact REIT Training on (03) 6223-4769 or email