eLearning CPD

Here at the REIT, we believe very strongly in the power and importance of ongoing learning.

Your learning journey doesn’t end the day you receive your Licence – in fact, that’s just the start!

The Continuing Education program is a legislative requirement and forms part of the qualification framework. It has been designed to enable property agents to continue to update their knowledge and skills in the areas of industry developments, legislative change and work practices.

The aims of the Continuing Education program are to:

  • increase levels of consumer protection and public confidence; and
  • promote professionalism across the property industry; and
  • improve the knowledge and skills of property agents.


What CPD do I need to complete?

All licensees are required to undertake a minimum of 8 Continuing Education hours each year.

All of the REIT’s CPD courses have been approved by the Property Agents Board to count towards CPD hours.


eLearning CPD courses

Coaching your team to success

This eLearning course will teach you how to get the best from your team and keep them happy and motivated.  Learn about the GROW model and how it will increase your teams productivity.

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Motivating your employees

This workshop aims to help you maintain a motivated workforce by showing you different ways to motivate different personality types, set goals and maintain motivation in yourself.

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Building customer loyalty with your CRM

Learn how to use your CRM to retain and build customer loyalty to increase your profits and job satisfaction.  Use your CRM to understand and personalise customer experience.

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How to get more done and stay sane

This online course will show you how!  Take the time to sit and reflect on some classic productivity techniques that will help you to achieve more whilst working less.

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Effective Conflict Resolution

This course will teach you: six phases of the conflict resolution process; five styles of resolution; the standard process and how to adapt it; and tools to prevent conflict.

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How to be a great receptionist

This eLearning CPD course is designed to give you tips on how to be gracious with difficult people, diffuse a difficult situation, be productive during quiet times and more!

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