Classroom CPD


The Continuing Education program is a legislative requirement and forms part of the qualification framework. It has been designed to enable property agents to continue to update their knowledge and skills in the areas of industry developments, legislative change and work practices.

All licensees are required to undertake a minimum of 8 Continuing Education hours each year.

All of the REIT’s CPD courses have been approved by the Property Agents Board to count towards CPD hours.


New Industry Property Representatives

Accelerate your Sales Career today

A highly practical course focusing on operational requirements of a property representatives sales role.

No longer offered in 2018.

Accelerate your Property Management Career today

A highly practical course focusing on operational requirements of a property representatives’ property management role.

No longer offered in 2018.



Law Society Members Presentation

Learn about the new legislation ‘Neighborhood Tree Disputes Act’ and how it impacts Property Representatives.
Your rights and responsibilities and the changes to the Listing Authority and Contract for Sale to incorporate the new requirements.

No longer offered in 2018.

Wellbeing for a Healthy Mind

Why is it that there are times in our lives when we can breeze through tasks and other times when we find getting out of bed difficult? Our mental wellbeing is imperative to our everyday lives and yet we spend very little time checking in on our mental state.

No longer offered in 2018.

Conflict Resolution

It is never easy dealing with conflict. This course gives you an understanding of the different approaches to use when dealing with conflict as well as top tips to help you brush up your skills.

No longer offered in 2018.

Dealing with Generations

Real Estate is a unique profession as we deal with people who are of all ages and different backgrounds.

No longer offered in 2018.

4 Key steps to unlocking your clients thinking for better results

Making a good impression at first contact is critical.  This session will give you tips on how to get the edge at your first meeting.

No longer offered in 2018.

Professional Influences

What makes someone say “yes” to you?  This engaging workshop will change your thinking about how you conduct your listing presentation.

No longer offered in 2018.

Understanding Agency Growth

Growth should be your number one priority.  Seek out new ideas whilst polishing up on the basics if you wish to make growth happen.

No longer offered in 2018.

Making Time for Success

How well do you manage your time?  This session will look at some of the most common time management mistakes as well as identifying strategies and tips you can use.

No longer offered in 2018.


Principals / Office Managers

Trust Accounting for Agency Principals and Office Managers

Use basic accounting skills coupled with knowledge of your real estate business to accurately manage the trust account records.

No longer offered in 2018.

Team Goal Setting, KPI’s, KPT’s and Measurement Tools for Success

Understanding how to set realistic office goals, how to achieve goals once set and the difference between KPI’s and KPT’s are some of the topics covered in this session.

No longer offered in 2018.

Real Estate Office for Profit

This session is focused on running an agency and making a profit, examining the structures in place and other structures available.

No longer offered in 2018.

Team Management Effectives

Managing people is the most challenging part of any role, and this session provides the opportunity to sharpen these skills.

No longer offered in 2018.


Property Management

Growing the Rent Roll

Rent rolls are VERY valuable!  Learn from someone who grew his rent roll for 30 years and continues to train Real Estate companies in Australia and  Internationally.

No longer offered in 2018.

Understanding the Workplace Stress

This workshop looks at how to manage workplace stress by firstly understanding that the key is knowing how to manage conflict, which is understanding the process of planning to avoid conflict.

No longer offered in 2018.

The In’s and Out’s of the Magistrates Court and other legal matters for Property Managers

This session covers many topics such as the preparation of court documentation, hearing dates, presenting a case and the magistrates decision to name a few.

No longer offered in 2018.

Difficult D’s of Property Management

Sing along with us… “It’s easy as ABC”.  But once you get to D things get a little more complex.  We’ll take you through dealing with all the difficult Ds in property management.

No longer offered in 2018.



Defending your Fee

Real estate professionals need more than ever to understand what sets them apart from others in their marketplace.

No longer offered in 2018.

How to Earn More Money by Prospecting Less

Take your business to the next level in 6 easy steps.

No longer offered in 2018.

Scripts and Dialogues for Building a Robust Prospecting Pipeline

This session will let you discover 12 little known yet simple, prospecting activities for uber success.  Discover how intelligence gathering can build a strong referral business, efficiently and effortlessly.

No longer offered in 2018.

How to Write Attention Grabbing, Highly Effective Adverts that Sell

In this session you will discover what is now the single most biggest asset as part of your online advertising arsenal.  Includes an Advertising Workshop and a whole lot more, including a Blueprint / Cheat-sheet for future success.

No longer offered in 2018.

How to Stand out in a Busy Marketplace

What makes you different?  What makes your office different from the rest?  This an more is covered in this informative session.

No longer offered in 2018.



Sale by Auction and How to Prepare for the Big Day

This session will help you prepare for the big Auction day.  Covering topics such as how to identify the market, how best to target that market and preparing the sellers for the process that will unfold.

No longer offered in 2018.

The question is do we go to Auction or do we put a price range on the property

This session will cover what is best for the sellers / motivation, educating the clients about an auction and why they work, conducting an auction for maximum exposure and what happens after the auction day?

No longer offered in 2018.



Administration Staff Job Ready

Designed for newcomers to the profession or those that need a kickstart, this course will ensure attendees are genuinely ‘job ready’ for their administration role.

No longer offered in 2018.

Customer Service?  What does it really mean

All over the country we believe there is customer service but is there?  When was the last time you had a positive experience?  Unfortunately Real Estate Agents tend not to have the best reputation, we believe it’s time it changed!

No longer offered in 2018.


Technology, Social and Digital media

Technology that Improves Efficiency

We have all heard of technology and every day we hear of something new.  This session will show what is out there, why some technology is good but not all of it and how to use technology to grow your business.

No longer offered in 2018.

Digital Media marketing Masterclass

See the latest and greatest in Marketing Real Estate using Digital Media.  Advanced Facebook Ads, 360 and VR and much, much more!

No longer offered in 2018.

Being Tech Savvy in the Property Sector

This course has been developed to enhance the technology skills of those in the property sector.  The topics cover a wide range of areas and it is open to all skill levels.

No longer offered in 2018.



Are you at Risk?

Property Representatives often work remotely, and in people’s homes.  Their role potentially places them at greater risk to encounter psychotic people and events.  This workshop will help reduce their risk of harm.

No longer offered in 2018.