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Thank you for enquiring about the Property Consultants or Assistant Property Managers (rentals) courses. And congratulations on considering Real Estate as your new career.

Some people prefer to sit their Property Consultants’ or Assistant Property Managers’ Course before seeking employment in a real estate agency, others find employment then sit the course.

The courses offered by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania provide the knowledge to assist in the development of skills needed to effectively undertake the roles of property consultant or assistant property manager.  An Assistant Property Manager is employed by a real estate agency or property management business to work with the management of rental properties.  A Property Consultant is employed by a real estate agency to list & sell property.



Please be aware that upcoming changes to the Property Agents and Land Transactions Act will require significant changes to the format of the Property Agents Board exams, as well as the accompanying training material provided by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania.


The new format exams from the Property Agents Board will come into effect starting with the exams scheduled for April; the REIT therefore strongly recommends that if using the current Property Consultant/Assistant Property Managers material, that the exam is sat in either February or March.


We also recommend delaying registration for the course until March when we will begin using the new training material, unless you urgently need to pass the exam for the purposes of starting immediate work in the industry.


REIT Training Department

Class based Courses


There are currently no in-class Property Consultant/Assistant Property Managers courses scheduled, as the REIT is in the process of updating the course training material in line with the new Property Agents Board exams set to start in April.

If you would like information to be sent to you once the new training courses are scheduled and finalised, please send a request to



Distance Learning

The REIT offers the Property Consultants’ or Assistant Property Managers’ Course by distance learning as an alternative to the in class course.


A distance learning candidate may choose to either receive the learning material:

  • as a paper based manual; or
  • by online delivery